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big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
macintosh (Western European (Mac)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to utf-16 (Unicode)
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
us-ascii (US-ASCII) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
utf-16 (Unicode) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
utf-16 (Unicode) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
utf-16 (Unicode) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
utf-16 (Unicode) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
utf-16 (Unicode) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
utf-16 (Unicode) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
utf-16 (Unicode) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
utf-16 (Unicode) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
utf-32 (Unicode (UTF-32)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
utf-32BE (Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))
utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
windows-1250 (Central European (Windows)) to Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to big5 (Chinese Traditional (Big5))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to iso-8859-1 (Western European (ISO))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to macintosh (Western European (Mac))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to us-ascii (US-ASCII)
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to utf-16 (Unicode)
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to utf-7 (Unicode (UTF-7))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to utf-8 (Unicode (UTF-8))
Windows-1252 (Western European (Windows)) to windows-1250 (Central European (Windows))

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Code page is another name for character encoding. It consists of a table of values that describes the character set for a particular language.

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