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Calculate the length of your string of text or numbers to check the number of characters it contains! Using our online character counting tool is quick and easy! This tool is great for computer programmers, web developers, writers, and other programmers.

To learn more about character counting and calculating the length of your strings, keep on reading below.

What is a character in computing?

To a computer, a character is a single unit of information. To humans, a character can be thought of as the smallest form of a computer’s writing system. Even the smallest units of a sentence or string of text or numbers is counted as a character. Characters include:

For example, in the following string of text, there are 74 instances that match the above classifications of a character, so the length of this string of text would be 74 characters:

"Use the string length calculator for your convenience & to save time!"

Feel free to test the string length calculator with this string of text!

Where can a character count tool be used?

In various professions, it can be helpful to analyze the number of characters in a string of text or words. While word count is a popular metric for writers, character count is becoming an important metric today online and for computing purposes.

For example, many people are familiar with character limits when interacting with the Internet, such as the former 140 and now 280 character limit that Twitter has put in place for tweets posted on its platform. Due to the writing being sent and received over technology, characters are more important to track than words.

Additionally, when working with website development or search engine optimization, the number of characters in various sections of your website can have an impact on the functionality and ranking ability of your site.

In computer programming, characters are pieced together to form strings, which are data types that are often implemented into bytes of data that can be read by computers. With online activity and the use of Internet platforms expanding, character counting tools can be used more and more to manage computer programs and web applications effectively,

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How To Calculate Content Length Online Tool

Our character counter is a great tool for quickly retrieving the length of your string of text or numbers. To use the tool, enter your text that you would like calculated for character length and then press “Calculate!“

The number of characters in your string of text or letters will show up below the “Calculate“ button.

We also have other writing tools for calculating your word count and converting a string of text to uppercase, lowercase, or proper case. Bookmark these tools for easy access and to increase your productivity!

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